With its fast developing nature, Cambodia is speedily moving to be a choice location for expats and travelers all over the world, also with a booming economy the desire to holiday in Cambodia is gaining interest among many.

Owning real estate investments in Cambodia as well as in Vietnam is one way through which you can consider, from the enormous potentials and benefits the countries afford foreigners and investors alike.

Investing with a real estate company is a safe heaven as it affords you the opportunity of having risk free investments, as the real estate company goes out of its way to give you the very best choice. Mistakes that ordinarily should have cost a fortune, are avoided when you chose to invest with a real estate company.

Invest in real estate in Cambodia or Vietnam ?

Vietnam is one of the trendiest real estate market in the region but Cambodia should also be considered for foreigners who want to diversify their assets and exposure to emerging markets.

To start investing in real estate in Cambodia, here are some key things you have to get in mind before choosing where, what and how to buy properties in Cambodia :

  • Invest in condominiums : to get the full ownership for foreigners
  • Invest in choice cities: Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Siem Reap, Kampot are some of the trendy cities where you can expect having growth
  • Go with trusted developers : follow advice from local property developers used to work with foreign investors
  • Have security in mind : working with a agency including all the dealing for your renting will be hassle-free for a long term investment
  • Consider the returns on investment : pay attention to the increase of price per meter square and also the rent you can expect by renting out your property in Cambodia
Investing in real estate properties in Cambodia as a foreigner

Because as a foreigner, you cannot own lands in Cambodia (article 16 of the law about investment in Cambodia), there is common ways you can invest in properties in Cambodia:

  1. Through a Cambodian company : you create a company that owns your real estate just like in Vietnam
  2. Through Leasehold : leasing agreement with a Cambodian citizen for a period of 15-50years
  3. Citizenship : after seven years living in Cambodia, a foreigner can become a citizen, it is a good way to get a second passport
  4. Through a nominee of Cambodia : using a trustworthy Khmer person to own the land
Top 3 real estate companies in Cambodia

Some top performing estate companies in Cambodia can advice you about the local market. With the intention of guiding your decision making process and helping you to settle for a choice.

  1. IPS

IPS is a real estate company founded 10 years ago in Cambodia and owned by an Australian investor and businessman David Murphy. Those 10 years of experience in the real estate sector of Cambodia, helping hundreds of foreign customers all over the world to buy properties in the county and also to help Cambodian real estate market to get a worldwide exposure. IPS is focused on offers both residential and commercial property services from apartments, hotels, condominiums and different kind of offices and commercial real estate. IPS has been operated for a long period of time, growing and becoming popular among the expat and foreign investor community for great service, reliability and honest consultancy according to each investor profile.

  1. Cambodia Properties Limited

Founded in 1997, Cambodia properties limited is one of the oldest real estate companies in Cambodia with more than 20 years of experience in helping foreigners and locals to get the best value for their properties and also in finding the best properties to meet client’s demands. Reputed for it’s work in the real estate sector of the country, the Cambodia properties limited is a choice company among property developers and buyers. The company offers both commercial and residential estate services to its clients, and also manages these properties.

  1. Cambodia Angkor Real Estate

Care as it is often called by clients and abbreviated, is a leading real estate company in Cambodian with over 20 years of service in the real estate sector to its crest and badge of honor. Notable for meeting clients demands and finding the best properties across Cambodia for its clients, the company offers commercial real estate services to clients as well as residential real estate services, ensuring that no matter your need for a real estate in Cambodia, it is fulfilled with ease and speed. Care’s experience in the real estate sector and its achievements gives it a place on this list.

Cambodia as diversifying of your investments

Minimizing risk in business and investment is one of the basic essentials needed to survive for the long run, and this is very important in real estate.

Investing in real estate comes with risk that if not guided against can cost one a great fortune, investing with a real estate company is one of the best ways of minimizing the risk that is associated with doing business in fast developing market like Cambodia.

Source: Vietnam Insider