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Partner Search


Finding the right business partner or local support system is integral for a foreign entity. With little knowledge of work ethics and culture of the new country, this can be a tough job. Let us hold your hand and make it easier for you. With our on job experts, veterans and system that relies on careful screening, we can short list all the people that you should be aligning with in order to create a firm base. This shall make the settlement easier and less grueling.

We provide you a tailor-made solution and a hands-on approach find a business associate. Our partner search service is based on the concept of knowledge transfer where our team sits down with you and tries to understand completely as to what are the requirements. After that we conduct a full market survey to identify relevant companies. We then help to identify potential suppliers, customers, outsourcing partner, JV partners, distributors etc.

Usually, our partner search service includes the following main elements:

  • Identifying and selecting relevant local companies
  • Preparing introduction materials in the local language
  • Contacting the most suitable potential partners in order to make an introduction to your company and business proposition
  • Verifying local partners’ relevant skills and qualifications
  • Collecting their responses to the proposed co-operation
  • Completing company profiles of selected partners, checking their credentials etc.
  • Preparing the meetings itinerary (when a client wishes to visit the country to meet with potential partners)
  • Assistance during negotiations with potential partners (our consultant can accompany you to your meetings to help with translation and negotiations with potential partners, and organize other on-the-ground assistance you might require during your visit).

At the end of the partner search project our clients receive a final partner search report that summarizes our work performed during the project and responses received during communications with potential local partners, an insight into knowledge gained during the search and a list of all the profiles most suitable for business partnerships.

We acknowledge that each business is different and has its own individual needs and goals. Our team of experienced market researchers will meet you to understand your specific requirements and vision, would then work on connecting you with the right people.

Our services can be customized as per your budget. We ensure best results of your investment and shall always find you something that suits your business economics.