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Go-to-Market Advice


We can design a program of research, interviews and surveys that can deliver a set of strategic analyses and suggest a recommended set of Go-To-Market and Market Entry decisions that we consider to be the most likely to secure a successful entry to Cambodian markets.

The analysis is structured around a broad set of themes.

SWOT opportunity analysis

This analysis aims to provide clear guidance to potential market entrants and is really a structured assessment of how the characteristics of the markets translate into opportunity. A key output would be an understanding where there are gaps and opportunities for clients.

This stage specifically looks at:

  • Competitive environment – how many competitors, and how strong their market position tends to be.
  • Gaps in the market that new suppliers may be able to exploit
  • Market attitudes (consumer or business) and spending habits / preferences
  • Market entry barriers

All these factors will be assessed into a framework such as shown below.

Sector Strengths

·         Sector strength: size, growth

·         New entrants and new product launches

·         Spending profile of consumers

Sector Weakness

·         Slow or negative sector growth

·         Cautious consumer spending

·         Lack of willingness to try new product

Opportunity for Client

·         Gap for client’s product

·         Import incentives

·         Ability for importers to access marketing channels

·         Ability for importers to access supply and distribution channels

Threat for Client

·         Import barriers

·         Poor consumer attitude to client’s products

·         Poor access to supply and distribution channels

·         Price point issues


For every project we review and tailor the above to suit the exact client requirements.

Go-To-Market positioning

For the market sectors under consideration, we will pull together all the considerations that affect a Go To Market plan, typically covering ‘product, positioning, and price’.

  • Product considerations
  • Consumer demand
  • Pricing
  • Marketing channels and consumer influencer strategy

The analysis will touch on the decisions to be made and options to consider under each of the above.

Market Entry strategy

Market entry takes the output of ‘SWOT Opportunity analysis’ and the  ‘Go-To-Market’ and applies a practical roadmap to make it all happen.

For the sectors under consideration, we will pull together all the considerations that likely to affect successful market entry to Cambodia. These include:

  • Decisions on products to import, and how they may fill potential gaps and opportunities.
  • Consideration of distribution chain
  • Price strategy

The analysis will look at actions and options to consider under each of the above.

To see how we might help you with your Cambodia market entry planning, please get in touch for an initial discussion. We always provide you with a comprehensive research proposal that is tailored to your specific requirements.